Struisbaai is a fisherman’s paradise.  This makes it very easy to serve fresh linefish to you as the seafood lover.

All our take away foods are sourced and purchased with the utmost care.

The batter used for our fish consist of flour and spice.  High demand ensured that it is available on the shelf in our shop to assist you in making your own Fish and more –  Fish and chips at home.

Our fish and chips are deepfried in Palm oil which is very expensive, but has excellent properties and is much healthier comparing to other oil.

All calamari or shellfish are fried separate from other foods to ensure no contamination.

On request we also pan-sear your fish or calamari.  Fish is done with Robertson’s Fish spice and calamari with a hint of Cajun.

We use fresh potatoes from local farmers that we peel and fry daily to ensure that you enjoy  fresh, crispy chips.

Fresh ingredients for your salads are sourced locally.

Our satisfaction is your enjoyment of the food we prepare.”